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Related article: Date : Sun, October 29, 2006 March 44th 01 EST From: aol Wyzman34. com Subject: Brother 2 Brother Chapter 20 Brother 2 Brother n By Michael Martell CHAPTER 20 - Dalziel - \\ \\ n I love the Doubletree Guest Suites. We're not talking cheapo not pay motel fucking hours. This was not like Motel 6 or some shit. This was luxury. I have a two-room suite with a fully equipped kitchen, a king- size bed, a / dining room combination was as comfortable as at home. is to be comfortable, because I was going to be here awhile. Went to shit at the party, I immediately went home and began to grasp what can personally my laptop, my video equipment and camera, some clothes, hygiene items and 2. $ 500 in cash that E n hidden in the closet than ' in my kitchen. Once I had everything I needed, I left the Doubletree. It was not long until the board was a bitch the mouth and then the police would come looking for me. I would have taken I have with me, but I would have pickedone count of kidnapping. Especially now, when the the police arrived all they had was sufficient for the survey, but not off. But there is no way it was released, which was carried out as well. My plan was to to keep the Doubletree for a few days. Getting my ducks in a line and then the head of Philadelphia. I have a cousin who is out there, and What is missing from my clothes and keep it. It sounded like a good mothafuckin with the plan. "Fuck this city and all that mothafuckaz. I Chillin 'in the hot tub, smoke a joint, my cell phone rang. I check the caller ID and smiled when my cousin introduced the name. "What's poppin ', nigga? "I said smiling. Teck was the coldest of all my cousins. If both are on the other was 'down '.. was all cold light, here and there to connect and some pressure Teck of a damn sexy bubble ass n "No man is more," said Teck: "So if you think you're doing writing to Philly? " " In a few days they have to get my shit straightt here. Why? Can not wait because your eyes? "I could hear laughter from the other end of Teck. It was produces more than five years since Preteen Sex Pthc we saw. We talked on the phone and shit on the regular, but not face to face for a while. " Yeah nigga," Teck said : " I ​​have a few pages you need to meet the cats here, Dalz. " Teck went through a very nice guy named Jevon, a hot sexy, to say the ass latino named Louie and some cats, said he could not wait to Teck to fulfill with his cousin. he was my cock ready, after the phone. the overwhelming and in partnership with Teck was a hot as fuck brotha. I could not afford to call one of my pieces ever, and I had not done before, jack n it. was what I needed to get some action. as I sat in the hot tub I I remembered the last time here. was a brotha who worked there, had the \\ \\ n I was checking the proper functioning and could be called intelligent. had its name to the label had it, and now was trying to remember, so that the reception andask for him. I could picture in my head mothafucka now. He was about five feet eleven inches tall and no more than Preteen Sex Pthc 150 pounds. He was yellow with black leather dreadlocks, blue eyes and a goatee. It s seemed to work a little. He was well and his lips were juicy ass. that saw one of those earth cried was when he was inferior. that is a versatile cat, like me, or peak force. I doubted if it was higher, but you could remove the verse. What the hell was his name? I took another toke on my blunt and his name appeared in my head. I left the tube naked and wet, and went to the phone in the room. I called the desk and a girl Ashanti answer the phone call. "Sup Sista Ashanti, " I said, "which is the 221st space I'm trying to find my husband Thaxton. He is working tonight? " If the black had been fired or some shit like , I had been looking stupid. "In fact, he'll be alone now. He is off at night. " Ah hell, I had to think fast. " Damn it, can in the pto sharpen. I holla came to him. "Ashanti said to me, and after a time keep n Thaxton was on the phone. " This is Thaxton, "he said. His voice was sexy. N " Sup Thaxton. You may not remember me. But I was here once, and was check me out. " " " " Sir ? No, you can take a look. I know the background, aight. I have a little smoke and a big tail all we need is you. "It was a long pause and I sure he wanted me to be a curse or something. But he was back on the phone accept the offer. I gave her my room number and told me it was n for the way up. I wrapped a towel around my waist and then I went to shoot a blunts few lights I found that if there was a knock on the door n. was reviewing throw of the peephole. If possible, the nigga got sexier since the last time. I invited him, and when he saw it was me, smiled. he can not be sure that he has to do n. probably thought I had some fat or some shit mothafucka. that chatted for a second, and offered him a slap on the butt. We ended with were in the first and second. Thaxton was always comfortable. It s had taken off his shoes and shirt. I was on Preteen Sex Pthc the couch with just in a towel and it was clear, my penis was hard and ready. Thaxton could tell and smiled as she removed the towel and went to work. Damn, I could hope to thick. While sucking his cock, he left the rest of his clothes, and went naked as the day he was born. There was no need on the couch when I mothafuckin had a double bed. So we went and got into a 69 position. while She sucked his cock I was playing and licking ass. Thaxton complained as he sucked. I realized it was a background and her ass was I was even broken in some one-piece, yellow cake and then have. I would dog him and slid my dick right in hot ass n. I got in line all I could handle, while he called and complained more. I wanted to make it more difficult andHe gave me harder. I wanted to was rough and hard. I went from Givin 'the dog throw him on his back, reading the knuckles and hit the tail n in bed. I let him ride his cock and then hit me again doggy n style. Thaxton was trying to escape by climbing over the walls, but I took him out back for more. At the outbreak in the ass exploits all Thaxton bed. He was exhausted and was in bed covered in sweat and relocation what else. I went to the bathroom and clean record. When I arrived, return Thaxton was the removal of the film we had nutted. I had n to do. I smiled and I found myself smiling back. Thaxton was a sexy mothafucka. Looking there naked in my desire even more. " I think I better jet, so you can sleep," said Thaxton. N "Rise," I said, "you workin 'tomorrow ? " " No, it's my day off. " " Then why rushin ' off ? someone in your house waiting on ya? " " No, " I smiled when I went with him"Why did not you stay with me and we in the jacuzzi and see what happens.. "Smile Thaxton and followed me into the bathroom, hot water filled the bathtub I figured what the hell do not like your ass goodbye before leaving MOHAMMED -.. u0026 SONNY - When the doctor came and told us we could see our children, I was lucky n I can remember. Sonny and I decided I was going to see Jamal n and then we would see Kei compensation. the doctors we had to warn are perhaps some memory loss is a side effect of the Rohypnol. Sonny and I hugged and kissed prior to our visit n children. Eric, Shane, Sean, Dre and Jermaine were waiting to. detectives Linton and Martinez agreed to a few minutes n left alone with our children before calling the questions. \\ \\ n See Jamal in the hospital was hard, especially with the circumstances. had many questions, but for now all that mattered was that my son was fine. I was standing beside his bed. his eyes, whichand closed. I hand and touched his hand and when I woke up startled. It s looking at me for a brief moment it seemed as if s impossible to say me. When he smiled at me. N "Hey baby," he said. He squeezed my hand and suddenly his eyes full of s of tears. I grabbed my son and hugged him, as it is called together. Our sobs filled the room. Jamal began to say 'Why ? Why? Why? ' and I had no answer. I held my son, how I came. My son Preteen Sex Pthc was raped. Wounded. I could not believe that twice in my life, violence n and inhumanity of the violation had entered my life. First, Sean and now with my own son s... Sons. It felt like I had been trying for all eternity, when there was a knock on the door. I let my son go, and wiped his face. Detective Linton glad I came to see him. He has been helpful, while Sean torture. "Mr. Moyenda " he said, "I want to ask your child to ask some questions " " Detective Please ask anything you want," he said. "I'll be out. " "ThanksYou, sir, " hugged him and said Jamal, who was out when I needed it. Jamal told me he loved me and I told him I loved him. I went out the room and gave thanks to God for the blessing of my son and then s something I thought I'd never done. prayed for Dalziel, people Preteen Sex Pthc who did this. would prayer. was written for the n intruder enemy and rapist of his family and his house was indeed divine. was the will of God. and even before I wanted to just to kill Dalziel. I knew I would not change. the situation would remain unchanged and remain unchanged. just finished my prayer, when Sonny came to me. I realized that it was mourn. "What is Kei? "I asked. Sonny shook his head, and when he spoke, his voice broke, " H... That... He is a mess right now. He is scared and confused. It fear. Detective Martinez speaks now. How is Jamal? " " About the sameKei. Linton speaks now. " I have called. I Sonny a hug and talk to each other. If we had more tears to shed, that n , but we were. " not undertstand this, Mohammed, "Sonny when we embrace the other side. "Why did this motherfucker our kids ? "n " do not know. But when the police took him to the court to find out. " I said. Sonny away from me. " Damn, what do the police. Let me my hands. That bastard raped the child of my s. He raped her son... our children. " Yes, raped our children. " That's true, Sonny. But they need our help children have come through this. We must help them survive. "Saw Sonny in me. I could say was that he wanted to hear. The wanted revenge. So he took his revenge at the time nothing to do us. The situation was that. was, and we had to deal with it - ERIC u0026 JERMAINE - While Sonny and Muhammad were with their children, all wait and see how they were doing, they have also become sort. he had noticed the ratewhen it is the whole world. Things were going very well with Sean and Matthew n good. I was glad he found someone, and that goes beyond of the violation. Although he was now back in our faces. Shane seemed to be good. He said everything went well in New Orleans. I have the feeling that s that something did not tell me. But I would not get to. Dre situation was different. I think he wants to be back with Julien Linton. They were not together, and Dre was a great pleasure. I is about to discover how big. " Hey D, I can talk to you for a second thing? " Dre asked. I agreed and we went to talk to each other. "What is going on, Dre? " I asked. "E -man", Dre began: " I ​​kicked Dalziel is" n "What do you mean you took it Dalziel ? " I asked. Dre looked around as if someone was listening. "We connected. " I could not believe what I was hearing. Dre looked as if I never knew it. "Dre, why hell seemsdid you do that ? I mean, you know what I was doing the board. " " Man, I was not worried about her. Hell, he was cool. We burn a bit, n then we have had the damn thing. "Dre said in defense of their actions. " Did you say something to go after Jamal and Kei? "I asked. " Of course not, and if he did have me in the explosion. "Dre secured me. Then I realized. " Dre, who have been at home. " " Yes, " " You can tell the police where he lives. You can get it. "I said. " to keep people. "Dre said: " At first I can not even be there. I mean, I would have to dodge of, if I was. Second... Preteen Sex Pthc " " Damn Dre- let, I, "which is Mo- Mo and Sonny. Their children were raped and you know that the police find the bastard and that maintain mouth shut and why? " Dre looked down at his feet," people watch. I do not want everyone to know Dalziel and me. " I shook my head. I could not believe what I was hearing. "You know, Dre, that I need this shit to deal with. You have to come back and said Julien, what you know. "It was then that I noticed. " You were with Dalziel, while it is Julien. You cheated with Julien Dalziel. If" ".. Come on," said Dre. " You know what Dre. They are nothing. " I turned around and walked away by Dre. At that moment I realized, Jermaine was talking on his cell phone a other. It was far from the others. I wondered who was talking to. And my blood began to boil. He was probably talking about another piece his ass fucked. I was doing probably want to connect, dammit! and I was about to open up the possibility of us things. When I talk to him I heard it, and when I approached, I found say, " I love you baby. " That was my heart. My blood ran cold. He completed his flip phone and looked surprised when he became n and saw me there. " Hey... " "Who was it? " I snapped. "What is happening? " Jermaine said, surprised by my fire. "You. And all the scams out there, motherfuckers. " Dre is unfaithful JUlien with Dalziel. Mo-Mo fooled Brett raped by Dalziel and Dalziel Jamal and Kei. Jermaine has deceived me, and he was still cheating. " Eric," Jermaine said : "We must calm down, " " Why, you might say he was on the phone you are condemned amazing follow me everywhere you.. ? ask for forgiveness and then right here under your nose, to call another black and say that I love you it. Well, you know something Jermaine ? fuck. it is. shit.. ! yOU " Jermaine waited until it was finished before speaking: " Are you ready to " " What have you to say yes, I'm done "I said, hot.. I saw opened her phone again. Press a few buttons and then showed me is the number you dialed. I felt like a fool. He called his son, Jermaine, jr u0026 Cie started to apologize, but I stopped him. Jermaine said that as he kept his cell phone, " You do not have to apologize. " :.. "I I think that's what happens when someone cheats, it affects everything and around the world who want KNOw we want it back. I know it will be hard, but we want it back. " " You do not know how difficult it will be. " I said," You tricked me. That broke my heart and I honestly do not know if I ever... "Jermaine said, his face was inches from me", " Jermaine grabbed my arm. It is not difficult, it is a threat or malice. I had no Preteen Sex Pthc fear. " Eric, I will what is lasts until you return. Regardless. " When I looked into my eyes, I knew he meant what he said. But it was n ready for this? Was ready for this? July u0026 DRE went Moyenda Jamal space and looked over my notes. This will not only be the case. kei Jamal still remember that s what he did. Nobody could remember, when in fact raped Dalziel n is. no one could know if Dalziel pushed to Rohypnol. no Dalziel s not a rapist. hell, there was nothing for him n to get the " roofies. " n "This is a bloody stalemate, "said Carlos. " I know. But we know that children were rapedthis man can not those who have have. The doctors have taken up the DNA, but if what the witness said, is correct, there are several attackers and may not be able to tie this guy in each of these. And do not even know where he lives. "I was always frustrated. We had to talk to this person knows Dalziel. We needed I knew. We also had to re-interview the witnesses, who was sedated at the moment. We went to the reception, to see parents and their friends waiting for us. this was the part I hated. I would say that this town not go too far. But would catch person or persons who did this. We get to the bottom. I told them that when the DNA was analyzed in the rape kit to be to be able to move on. But an idea of ​​where this person would help a lot. I have my card with them and my partner n and left. We had to call the car title, as I heard someone my name. acknowledges the gapce and was not surprised to see standing wave Dre me. I told Carlos, I would be back. I approached Dre. we , not because our, what I was talking about. "What is happening here? " I asked. Dre seemed that there was something in the mind. " You know, you will be able to get this guy? " Said Dre. "Honestly, if the DNA does not start a game he can not anything. We can not even say conclusively that he put the drugs ". I said. Dre has to have something in mind. And what was in the spirit connection with this case. After a moment of silence I asked, that turned upside down. " I know where he lives," said Dre. took out my notebook and pen, " Where do you live ? " Wrote that Dre address and thanked for the information. Still I have the feeling that s something in your mind. " Is there anything else ? " " Um... no, " and the Dre went back inside. I turned to my partner and told him he had an address for our men and wand went out. continued [Comment from the author: I want to thank everyone for their patience. of is breaking his right wrist, and the complications that followed. then the work and real life things that had not been able to maintain a regular update. many of the I 've written, wanted to know when was the next chapter come. Well, it's here and it will be longer. I hope you like it. as I always like to hear from you, send me an e- mail aol in wyzman34. com and You will also visit http://groups. yahoo. com/group/brotherslikeus_brother2brother /
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